Question for folk on micro-/single-user-instances:

How do you see toots from people you don't follow?

I.e. this situation: you follow A, A retoots B, B gets a load of replies from C-G which you don't see, as they aren't federated to your instance.

I tend to open toots from accounts on bigger instances to see more replies, but that seems kinda clunky...

Retoots for visibility appreciated :boost_ok:

If you use Android and you like free speech, DON'T USE TUSKY. The developers of Tusky have already demonstrated that they're pro-censorship assholes. Use Husky (a fork without the censorship bullshit) or use Fedilab.

My thought for the day:

Is the mainstream media not falling directly into the Streisand Effect?

The harder you try to remove content from the internet, the faster it spreads. This occurs because the act of trying to remove said content draws attention to it, which encourages others to repeat the message, in order to spite you.

Trump was about to fade into obscurity, and now his mere *absence* online is paradoxically, the BIGGEST news story that will NEVER DIE.

When you think you've already won the election, you don't:

* Ban people from social media
* Silence people's voices
* Insist on impeachment with only 2 weeks left
* Insist on the 25th amendment with only 2 weeks left
* Demand military leaders prevent Trump from carrying out military plans

That's not what a winning team does.
That's what criminals do when they are in panic mode.

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Today's educators were brainwashed with Marxist propaganda going back to 1980 or earlier. The Marxist Left has brainwashed how many generations already?

On 9/11 time stood still as Americans tried to process what happened. Everything was covered in ash. #GroundZero still smoldering. Thousands of missing posters & flowers lined the fence as people cried on site. THAT was a defining moment #NeverForget

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